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Announcing The New ArmorCore® Installation Video in English and Spanish

21 May 2015

Posted by Waco Composites

Want to learn more about how ArmorCore is manufactured, tested, and installed to provide ballistic protection?

This video provides a comprehensive look into how to order and install UL Listed ballistic fiberglass for “bulletproofing” and forced-entry and storm protection.

Available in ENGLISH and SPANISH. Watch below.


Wall Installation Instructions

Video provides comprehensive view of ArmorCore UL 752 Listed bullet resistant fiberglass. Production capabilities of Waco Composites and ballistic testing are included. The focus of this video is installation recommendations to create bullet resistant protection. A home safe room is featured in this video, but universal instructions for 'bulletproofing' are included. DVD copies of this video are available upon request.

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Instalación de ArmorCore

Este video proporciona visión integral del producto de ArmorCore UL 752. fibra de vidrio resistente de bala. Se incluyen las capacidades de producción de la compañia Waco Composites y tambien las pruebas balisticas. El objetivo de este vídeo es para recomendar el proceso de instalación y crear una protección a pruebas contra balas. Un cuarto seguro de hogar se ofrece en este video pero las instrucciones universales 'a prueba de balas' bienen incluidas. Copias de este video están disponibles en DVD.

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