Waco Composites

A Dedicated Team

company-lunchSince 1996, Waco Composites has operated with one sole purpose: producing the highest quality fiberglass ballistic-resistant panels, with the best and most efficient processes in the industry, while providing superior customer service.

Waco Composites now leads the industry in ballistic panel design and fiberglass product development. Our team’s experience includes design and development of ballistic resistant panels for a wide range of applications: commercial, governmental, educational and military. Our emphasis has always been in research and development and a rigorous quality assurance program with continuous testing of our products to ensure the highest degree of product integrity.


The Waco Composites Quality Assurance Program assures you of consistently excellent products delivered with responsive customer service. Waco Composites is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.


Record Of Excellence & Superior Service

Waco Composites’ goal is to produce the highest quality fiberglass ballistic-resistant panels, using the best and most efficient processes in the industry.

Waco Composites is dedicated to the highest level of customer service at each step in the process of ordering bulletproof panels. One detail of this effort is to always have phone calls answered by a sales professional (not a recording) during business hours.

Our approach to customer service is also reflected in our order delivery. We have built a reputation for speedy turn-around time, shipping most orders within 24 hours.

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ISO 9001:2008

Documentation and attention to detail are part of our company culture, and are central aspects of the Waco Composites Quality Assurance Program. We know the importance our customers put on demonstrated commitment to quality, and for this reason, Waco Composites is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.


State-Of-The-Art In House Testing

Ensuring the ballistic resistive integrity of ArmorCore® bullet-resistant fiberglass panels is a critical aspect of our operation, and why we have developed state-of-the-art in-house testing facilities and procedures.

Within our Waco, Texas manufacturing facility, we routinely perform live round “bullet proof” tests on panels – both as part of our on-going new product development and to provide certainty that the ArmorCore® bullet resistant materials we sell consistently meet the required U.L. 752 and N.I.J. 0108.01 standards.

Within the Waco Composites lab, we have the ability to safely test rounds from .22 caliber to high-speed 7.62 mm and above.

Exceptional in-house testing is one more aspect of the innovation and standard of excellence that has made ArmorCore® the solution of choice for ballistic panel protection.