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Gun violence is a reality that has affected many across the world and architect strategies must be employed to ensure a suitable level of protection. Bullet resistant barriers can be important to include in many vulnerable facilities including commercial, financial, schools, residential, law enforcement, military and much more. They can be used in many different areas of the building including behind walls, desks, counters, furniture, and doors.

How To Choose A Bullet Resistant Panel?

The most frequent question we get when talking to architects is, how do I choose a bullet resistant panel for my design? When choosing a bullet resistant panel, it is important to consider the type of protection needed. There are a handful of questions we recommend asking yourself to understand what is needed from these bullet resistant panels. These questions include threat level, interaction within the facility and the facility structure.

Threat Level

The threat level is important to take into consideration when choosing the panel level that is needed. For example, is the threat coming from criminals with pistols, explosive blasts, forced entry or hurricanes?

The different levels of each panel are manufactured to assist with different levels of threats. In addition, each panel is tested and proven to be UL 752 certified.

UL 752 Protection Levels

Interaction Within The Facility

The next question architects should keep in mind is how active workers or customers are in the protected area? Is the protected area near an entrance or exit? How much square footage do we have for the protected area? Lastly, how many people will be in the area at once?

All these questions are important to understand because it will help with compiling your design and identifying the areas of opportunity to apply the panels for maximum protection.

Facility Structure

Lastly, facility structure overall is important to understand because a bullet resistant barrier essentially divides a room into two separate areas. Therefore, HVAC systems, lighting power and data supply will need to be arranged within your bullet resistant panel design.

Our Gold Standard Bullet Resistant Panel Designs For Architects

ArmorCore® bullet-resistant fiberglass panels offer the ultimate protection against ballistic threats in both architectural and personal defense applications. With their enhanced durability and design flexibility, ArmorCore panels are a top choice for architects looking to incorporate bullet resistance into their projects.

Here are a few gold standard bullet-resistant panel designs for architects from ArmorCore:

  • Standard Flat Panels: Armorcore offers a range of flat panels that can be seamlessly integrated into various architectural designs. These panels are available in different thicknesses and can be easily installed on walls, doors, counters, and other surfaces to provide reliable protection against ballistic threats.
  • Curved Panels: For architects seeking more design flexibility, Armorcore offers curved bullet-resistant panels. These panels can be custom-made to fit around columns, counters, or other curved architectural features while maintaining their ballistic resistance. This allows architects to create aesthetically pleasing spaces without compromising on safety.
  • Transparent Panels: Armorcore’s transparent bullet-resistant panels are an excellent choice for architects who want to incorporate natural light and visibility while ensuring maximum security. These panels are available in clear or tinted options and can be used in windows, doors, storefronts, or any other application where transparency is desired.
  • Custom Panels: Armorcore understands that each architectural project is unique, and they offer custom panel solutions to meet specific design requirements. These panels can be tailored in terms of dimensions, shapes, colors, finishes, and even additional features like soundproofing or fire resistance. Architects can work closely with Armorcore to create highly customized and architecturally versatile bullet-resistant panel designs.
  • Retrofitting Panels: Armorcore’s bullet-resistant panels can also be used for retrofitting existing structures. These panels can be integrated into walls, windows, doors, and other vulnerable areas without the need for extensive remodeling. This makes them an ideal choice for architectural projects where enhancing security is a priority.

Educational Resources For Architects

ArmorCore offers free online courses for architects which provides 1 Learning Unit for AIA and more organizations. This course addresses bullet-resistant fiberglass composite panels and the need for architectural armoring.

The topics covered include:

Armorcore Training Course

  • ballistic material testing and standards
  • the types of ballistic materials available
  • fiberglass composite panel applications, installation & maintenance considerations

View the complete list of crediting organizations and login to AECDaily to take the course. If you are interested in a live presentation featuring a Waco Composites sales representative, please call 1 (866) 688-3088 or go to the Quick Info Request page.

ArmorCore’s Bullet Resistant Panel Designs: Inspected by Architects for Buyers

They provide many free educational courses and spec resources to assist with your designs. In addition, their design industry memberships include AIA and CSI1. ArmorCore® offers free online courses for architects which provides 1 Learning Unit for AIA and more organizations. This course addresses bullet-resistant fiberglass composite panels and the need for architectural armoring.

The architects play a vital role as inspectors for the buyers of Bullet Resistant Panel Designs from ArmorCore. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the bullet-resistant panels meet the required standards and specifications and are incorporated seamlessly into the construction or renovation project.

As inspectors, architects meticulously review the design plans and technical drawings provided by ArmorCore to verify if they meet the intended requirements. They examine various aspects, including the panel thickness, material composition, ballistic resistance level, and installation guidelines.

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Bullet Resistant Panel Designs For Architects From ArmorCore

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