Product Literature

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ArmorCore® Product Overview Brochure

Flyer ArmorCore Overview
Build For Life
Brochure overview of ArmorCore® product line, levels of protection, and applications.ARMORCORE® PRODUCT OVERVIEW FLYER

ArmorCore® Application Flyers

Flyer ArmorCore Commercial
Commercial Property
Commercial property is a practical application for ArmorCore® bullet resistant fiberglass to protect personnel, data, cash and merchandise.ArmorCore® Commercial Application Flyer
Flyer ArmorCore Commercial
Financial Institutions
Banks, check cashing stores, and other cash transaction areas are a high risk target for theft. ArmorCore® is used in thousands of banks across the country to protect their employees and patrons alike.ArmorCore® Financial Application Flyer
Flyer ArmorCore Government
Government Buildings
Although it is perceived that government buildings are impenetrable, there is always threat of attack. ArmorCore® is utilized in courtrooms, embassies and many other federal and local institutions.ARMORCORE® FINANCIAL APPLICATION FLYERArmorCore® Government Building Flyer
Flyer ArmorCore Healthcare
Health Care
Often overlooked as a potential target for criminals, the Health Care industry is at risk due to the high volume of medical drugs and potential spill-over of violence that may have brought a patient to the hospital. ArmorCore® protects lives of medical staff and patients in these facilities.ArmorCore® Healthcare Application Flyer
Flyer ArmorCore Military
As an armor component for more than 7,000 plus Humvees for the United States Army and a protective solution in military buildings and training facilities, ArmorCore® saves lives in the defense industry.ArmorCore® Military Flyer
Flyer Armorcore LawEnforcement
Law Enforcement
Due to the volatile nature of work and the need for integrity through training and protection of evidence, the civil servants in law enforcement require bullet resistant protection in many facets of the job.ArmorCore® Law Enforcement Application Flyer
Flyer Armorcore Saferoom
Safe Rooms
Safe rooms are not only for the rich and famous. ArmorCore® is a cost efficient solution for families across the country to protect against forced entry and acts of Mother Nature.ArmorCore® Saferoom Application Flyer
Flyer Armorcore Education
News of threats and attacks on schools increases daily. School districts and universities utilize bullet resistant fiberglass to harden school entrances, furniture systems, and doors.ARMORCORE® EDUCATION APPLICATION FLYER