Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels

ArmorCore® by Waco Composites manufactures UL 752 certified bullet resistant fiberglass panels in UL levels 1-8. Each bullet resistant panel is rigorously tested to meet or exceed UL 752 specifications for its specific level and come backed by a 10 year warranty. In addition to the ballistic capabilities ArmorCore panels offer, they also provide forced entry protection, storm resistance and blast resistance.

What are Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels?

Bullet resistant panels consist of opaque wall material with multiple layers of woven fiberglass. These panels feature tiny pockets strategically placed between the fibers, effectively absorbing the energy generated by ballistic impacts. This innovative design ensures the bullet is trapped within the fibers, preventing complete material breakage or shattering.

A notable feature of the bullet resistant wall panels is the controlled delamination process, where various layers separate to absorb force, preventing bullets or projectiles from fully passing through the panel. This distinguishes the panels from the process used in bullet resistant glass materials. Despite this difference, they offer comparable protection levels, with a range of grades and gauges available to cater to diverse project requirements.

For architects seeking reliable security solutions, these bullet resistant panels, with their woven fiberglass composition and advanced design, present a versatile choice.

Bullet Resistant Panel Levels

Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels

Unique Benefits Of ArmorCore

  • Lighter Weight Than Steel
  • Easy To Install With Standard Tools
  • Effective Delay Against Forced Entry
  • Low Wicking – No Build-Up Of Mold
  • Non-Toxic Materials
  • 1-Hour Fire Rating (ASTM E119-00)
  • Available In Sizes Up To 5′ x 10
  • Available In The Full Range Of U.L.

Bullet Resistant Panel Applications

Since 1996, ArmorCore® has been the leading manufacturer of bullet resistant fiberglass panels throughout the world to help bring an architect’s design to life.

Bullet resistant fiberglass panels are most commonly used in wall assemblies, counters, doors, millwork, cubicles, and desks for many different architectural facility designs. Some of these facilities include Commercial, Schools, Financial, Government, Grid Security, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Military, Residential, Safe Rooms and beyond.

Bullet Resistant Panel Manufacturing Process

ArmorCore®’s UL 752 bullet resistant panels are manufactured by combining woven-roving fiberglass with resin, precision-assembled and cured in a press with heat and pressure while maintaining quality and consistency.

With our unique capabilities including hydraulic presses, water jet cutting, industrial sanders and testing facilities, ArmorCore®’s bullet resistant panels are offered in a variety of standard size sheets ranging from 3’, 4’ & 5’ widths by 8’, 9’ & 10’ lengths of any combination. We also offer custom cutting to fit your unique design with the ability to cut to any 2-dimensional size, pre-drill holes, bevel cut etc. Our intensive Quality Assurance Program in conjunction with our ISO 9001:2015 registration will ensure every panel we manufacture meets and/or exceeds our customers’ requirements.

How do Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels Work?

Property owners and operators understand the importance of protecting people and assets. ArmorCore bullet resistant wall panels are armor that protects your facility from a range of ballistic threats. These rigid, woven panels delaminate (or separate) when a bullet strikes them, flattening the projectile as it is caught between the woven layers and dissipating the kinetic energy of the bullet.

ArmorCore® is designed to absorb a bullet’s energy within the panel’s laminate. The composite laminate consists of fiberglass reinforced thermoset resin capable to defeat a bullet through a process of energy absorption within the laminate. Once the panels have begun to delaminate, any additional shots become progressively easier to defeat because the energy is more readily absorbed by the laminate. In contrast to steel barriers, the fiberglass laminate is designed to prevent ricochet of the bullet as well as spalling to the non-threat side of the panel.

Through our custom design for bullet resistant panels, we’ve developed the highest quality and reliable product for defensive architecture. Contact us today to learn more!