Fiberglass Panels for Military Asset Protection

Ballistic fiberglass is an excellent option due to it’s strength, lightweight, ease of installation and resistance to corrosion. The U.S. Military prefers them because they can defeat bullets and other projectiles from causing damage. The panels are made by layering fiberglass sheets and then laminating them together with a resin.


Upon impact from a projectile, ArmorCore panels trap the bullet using a process of controlled delamination, the resin is made to split into individual plies, eventually absorbing all the energy from the bullet. When the plies begin to delaminate, the laminate absorbs more energy from subsequent shots, making them simpler to counter.


The bullet-resistant panel’s fiberglass laminate is intended to do double duty, stopping the projectile and stopping fragments from hurting anyone on the opposite side. This defense is frequently installed in armored vehicles, fortified buildings, and other valuables.

Military Application Examples

Fiberglass panels are an excellent choice for military applications. They offer a high level of security and protection against the elements.

Fiberglass is also very durable and low maintenance. It is ideal for use in high-traffic areas or in locations where traditional construction materials would not be able to withstand wear and tear.

Some examples of military applications for fiberglass panels include:

  • Guardhouses. Fiberglass guardhouses are solid and secure. However, they are also lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and quickly assembled on-site, ideal for use in high-security areas.
  • Portable cubicles Fiberglass portable cubicles are ideal for use as field headquarters or temporary command centers. They can be quickly set up and broken down. Plus, they are resistant to weather damage when properly treated.
  • Mobile command centers. Mobile command centers made with fiberglass panels are incredibly durable and offer excellent protection against the elements. They can be easily transported from one location to another and are ideal for emergency situations.
  • Storage units. Fiberglass storage units are perfect for storing ammunition, chemicals, or other materials and require protection from the elements. They are durable, secure, and portable if necessary.
  • Gates and barriers. Fiberglass gates and barriers are solid, secure, lightweight, and easy to install. They offer an excellent barrier against intruders and can be customized to meet the specific security needs of any military installation.
  • Conference Rooms. Fiberglass conference rooms offer a secure and private place to hold meetings. They can be easily installed within the walls on-site with standard tools.
  • Checkpoints. Fiberglass checkpoints are strong and secure, customized to meet the specific security needs of any military installation.
  • Lobbies. Fiberglass lobbies offer a safe and secure place for visitors to wait. They are durable and non-intrusive.


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Why ArmorCore® Excels In This Application

ArmorCore® is the clear choice for bullet-resistant panels. Its superior performance is why it’s the preferred choice of law enforcement and military professionals. These are some of the many reasons why ArmorCore® is the best choice for bullet-resistant panels:

  • ArmorCore®’s strength-to-weight ratio is far superior to that of steel. This means that ArmorCore® panels can stop more bullets without adding unnecessary weight.
  • ArmorCore® panels are non-ricocheting and non-spalling. They won’t shatter or throw dangerous metal shards if a bullet hits them.
  • ArmorCore® panels are fully customizable in size and surface coatings to fit any space and match any décor.
  • ArmorCore® panels are easy to assemble and take down if/when required.
Why Armorcore® Excels In This Application