What is the importance of UL 752?

UL Solutions, formerly Underwriters Laboratories, is a global safety science company that determines if a product meets specific standards in terms of safety and other regulatory requirements. Genuine products that have passed the evaluations set out by Underwriters Laboratories mean they work as advertised and can be trusted by the consumers.

The UL 752 standard certifies products, devices, equipment, and materials with bullet-resistant properties. A product that has been awarded the UL 752 standard certification means it passed the stringent tests by UL to ensure it delivers optimal protection and security against ballistic attacks, impact, and forced entry.

ArmorCore’s bullet-resistant panels meet UL 752 ballistic standards, which means it passed the tests given by the UL to guarantee it offers the highest level of protection and security. This certification is vital for customers who rely on our products to keep them safe in high-risk situations.

UL 752 Bullet Resistant Levels Explained

The UL 752 ballistic standards and rating system is widely used and accepted in determining and crediting ballistic-grade materials. There are ten UL 752 bullet resistant levels, each with fundamental information regarding the types of rounds a material can resist. However, levels 9 and 10 are largely used in military and defense applications.

ArmorCore offers up to level 8 UL 752-certified bullet-resistant panels, each with varying thicknesses and performance levels. These are:

  • Level 1: Withstanding handguns of medium power, such as the 9mm and Super 38 Automatic.
  • Level 2: Offers protection against high-power guns, such as the .357 Magnum.
  • Level 3: UL 752 level 3 provides superior defense against .44 magnum rounds and forced entries and robberies.
  • Level 4: Provides ample protection against armor-piercing bullets and high-capacity magazines, and is commonly used in military hunting and sporting rifles.
  • Level 5: Prevents penetration from high-velocity rifle rounds, such as AK47 rifles and ball full metal copper jacket ammunition shot from hunting rifles.
  • Level 6: Resist multiple shots against submachine guns, like the 9 mm Uzi.
  • Level 7: Commonly used to protect against shots from military assault rifles and semi-automatic rifles, like the AR-15.
  • Level 8: Used mainly in military applications, the level 8 bullet-resistant panels can resist shots fired from AK-47 and M-14 rifles.

Common Applications for UL 752 Standard Bullet Resistant Panels

Choosing the best bullet-resistant level depends on your project or application. Some of the most common applications include retail stores, police stations, banks, data centers, schools and correctional facilities. Determining the risks associated will highly impact your decision upon selecting the best level option.

  • Level 1 rating: Best used for gas stations, convenience stores, and pharmacies.
  • Level 2 rating: Ideal for financial organizations like banks and credit unions.
  • Level 3 rating: UL 752 level 3 ballistic fiberglass panel is often specified in high-occupancy buildings with high risks, such as schools, courthouses, and prisons.
  • Level 4 to 8 ratings: Frequently used in military settings, government buildings, embassies, and high-risk facilities.

Choose Only the Best for Your Protection and Safety

Security is paramount when risk and valued assets are vulnerable to ballistic attacks and armed entries. At ArmorCore, we take pride in offering eight levels of bullet-resistant panels, all of which are UL 752 certified to provide fundamental protection for you and your applications.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our bullet resistant products. You can also request a quote, and we’ll find a suitable solution that will drive success to your projects!

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