Waco Composites

Made With A Deliberate Understanding

armorcore-manufacturing2Every ArmorCore® ballistic panel is made with our deliberate understanding that a life may depend upon the integrity of our product. High quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and the best manufacturing processes are utilized in the fabrication of each and every panel. Continuous product testing ensures that our panels meet the highest criteria of ballistic resistive integrity.

The first element of manufacturing quality bullet-resistant panels is using only reliable and long-lasting raw materials. One reason that the ArmorCore® product line has become the preferred bullet resistant fiberglass panel is our commitment to not use starch-oil fiberglass, which is organic and tends to break down in time.

With our unique hydraulic presses, waterjet cutters, industrial sanders, testing facilities, and eagerness to meet our customers’ needs, Waco Composites manufactures ballistic panel sizes that range from 3′ x 8′ all the way to 5′ x 10′.


Years Of Custom Manufacturing Experience

With our precision water jet cutting capabilities, ArmorCore® panels can be factory cut to size with great detail (+/- .004″ tolerance). Over the years we have sanded, painted, coated, bonded, and tested ArmorCore® to meet our customers’ needs. In fact, we are proud that Waco Composites offers the highest degree of customizable panels in the industry.

The majority of the time panels are in stock (particularly 4′x8′ sheets). Waco Composites has built a reputation for speedy turn around time and can ship directly from our plant with minimal lead times.

Since 1996, premium quality materials, personal attention to manufacturing detail and the widest range of available sizes continues to make ArmorCore® the preferred choice in ballistic panels.