ArmorCore® bullet resistance fiberglass, manufactured by Waco Composites, was among the products and services on display June 23 at the RAM Home Safety Prep Show in New Orleans.

The exhibition, sponsored by “Popular Mechanics,” featured local first responders, Popular Mechanics editors, weather professionals and survival experts offering families information on how to survive any disaster and thrive in the aftermath.

“Having a protected room for you and your family to go to is an important component of preparedness when a storm – figuratively and literally – approaches,” said Justin Clark, Waco Composites market development specialist. “ArmorCore® panels are an ideal solution for residential safe rooms, providing protection from flying debris in a storm in addition to the reliable ballistic protection and resistance against a wide range of assault tools that could be used in a home attack.”

“For many people, the addition of a safe room constructed with ArmorCore® panels adds the peace-of-mind that in the event of an intrusion or natural threat, they have a solid plan for their own security.”

The ArmorCore® ballistic resistant panels demonstrated at the New Orleans exhibition have been installed in a wide range of security-risk locations, including money rooms, courtrooms, cashier areas, and military personnel carriers.

ArmorCore® Level 3 panels carry a Class IV “Forced Entry Protection” rating per ASTM standard F1233-98, which means they have been tested against an assortment of attack tools, such as sledge hammer, chisel and cutting torch. The U.L. Level 3 designation indicates that the panel was shown to provide ballistic resistance against a .44 magnum handgun. The company offers panels in all eight of the U.L. ballistic-resistant levels.

“As rising numbers of people increase their awareness about personal protection, we are pleased that ArmorCore® panels are becoming recognized as a cost-effective solution for safe rooms in their homes and businesses,” Clark said.