A Customer Of Waco Composites Has Bypassed The Formal Laboratory Testing For A Trial By “Live Fire.”

Waco Composites, manufacturer of ArmorCore® fiberglass ballistic resistant materials, typically implements rigorous quality testing and regular audits in controlled laboratory environments in order to maintain its UL Listing and assure its performance. Set to air on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers, Tuesday, December 10th, Johnny Bulletproof, a consultant and installer of bullet resistant products, puts ArmorCore® to the ultimate test on national television.

“Years ago we used the motto, “We Stand Behind our Product” referring to our ArmorCore® product line. Never did we imagine that someone would take this literally for live fire ballistic testing,” said Sales Manager, David Breeland. Justin Clark in Market Development added, “Johnny presents the most extreme demonstration to prove a point and I imagine it will make for some interesting TV.”

ArmorCore® is used in wall systems to provide bullet-resistant protection. The product is primarily used in government buildingsbanks, and military applications, but the company has seen a heightened interest in private safe rooms. “Interest in our product in homes and businesses has amplified for the ballistic protection as well as a safe barrier in violent storms and forced-entry protection. Unlike a pre-fabricated box it can be installed within any room and covered with drywall,” said Clark.

“Though we know the capabilities of what we manufacture, we are still anxious to see its performance on the small screen with such high stakes.”

For more information about ArmorCore® ballistic-resistant panels please call (254) 752-3622. Video footage of the episode, No One Will Ever Know, can also be viewed on the National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers website.