As Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become embraced by an increasing number of building designers and construction professionals, providing accurate and complete models of engineered and specified products is critical to remaining current in the industry.

A recent report by McGraw-Hill Construction showed that 74 percent of contractors are now utilizing BIM technology, and that BIM usage among owners, architects, contractors and engineers is higher than 70 percent.

Through a cooperative program with ARCAT (, Waco Composites has continued to be an innovator in bullet resistant material, with BIM models of ballistic resistant fiberglass panels achieving all eight levels of UL 752 standards.

The needs of architects and engineers have evolved, requiring new methods of product information which can help save time and expand the way construction and building operational information is presented and delivered. We remain committed to ensuring that ArmorCore® bullet resistant panels are not only the most reliable and efficient solution available, but are also presented with complete and accurate information that meets the needs of designers of risk-based security construction projects.

These are exciting times in the development of construction design, as powerful new tools and methods are making design-build projects more attractive and affordable, and the team at Waco Composites is determined to set the standard within the bullet resistance industry.