Justin Clark In Market Development Reflects On Prepper Community’s Interest In ArmorCore And Announcement Of Installation Video.

About a year ago my brand new car stereo was stolen out of my truck in front of my house one evening. I remember a lack of empathy from friends as they laced me with the blame. This particular night, like many others, I left my truck out in front of our gate with the doors unlocked. Though I contend it is the same crime whether the truck was locked or not, the lesson I learned is that you can’t will a utopian society into existence. Preppers know this and vary greatly in the level of preparation and types of conditions they are preparing for.

Preppers have recently received a lot of exposure through television, radio, and social media. These outlets, tasked with maintaining audience attention, seek out the most interesting and extreme cases of prepping. The disservice is that preppers can sometimes be portrayed as impractical and excessive. On the other hand it has brought awareness to the public of ways to be mindful and planning for potentially threatening situations. Truthfully, we all share in different degrees of preparing and the “craziness” of prepping is just a subjective point where our personal degree ends.

Insurance is a good example of a widely excepted form of preparing for unexpected events which are natural or caused by man. Obviously we cannot prepare enough to prevent every threat that is possible, but even close to home we have seen ways that a little bit of preparedness could have gone a long way. Here in Waco we received many visitors evacuating Houston before the landfall of hurricane Rita. Normally a 3 ½ hour drive, it took some friends and relatives as much as 20 hours. It became impossible to purchase fuel, food, and water on the road. Just north of us, the community of Moore, OK suffered once again as there were a limited amount of shelters to flee the powerful tornados. Even in my own neighborhood within the last two years we had a tornado tear up next door neighbors’ houses and knock out electricity for a couple days and in another case police cordoned off our road in a manhunt for an escaped criminal.

There are many practical steps we can take to put ourselves at an advantage when faced with an emergency or disaster. Even the tenants of prepping as defined by the American Preppers Network are pretty identifiable ideals for most of us. These principals focus on independence, self-reliance, and frugality. Taking some of these proactive steps allows to better take care of ourselves, family, and neighbors when resources and help are not readily available from other sources. Those who know our Waco Composites’ family well, known that we have seen a lot more activity in the last year and a half in servicing individuals, community groups, and businesses looking to upgrade protection using our ArmorCore panels.

Our ArmorCore panels provide a solution for protection, not the solution. There are many options that people are looking at for providing physical security in their homes, schools, and businesses and there are pros and cons to each solution. If cost, access, and zoning are not issues and you are looking for protection in a tornado, then an underground shelter is probably the best option. Where ArmorCore fits in for those wanting to be prepared, is that it is a product that can be easily incorporated into new construction or retrofits to provide immediate bullet resistant and forced entry protection as well as defeating flying debris in extreme storms. It is cheaper and easier to work with than any other product designed for ballistic resistance and can be fitted to any size room.

Waco Composites has exciting news regarding those individuals and groups who are being mindful of emergency preparedness. In January of 2014 we will be releasing an Installation Instructions Video. This video will feature the construction of a home safe room using ArmorCore Level 3 panels and showing the ease of construction. Waco Composites also strives to sponsor local meet-up groups and help educate and support preppers interested in physical security and bullet resistance. In addition, unlike our controlled manufacturing and testing of materials in our Waco facility, you can witness the eccentric methods of experimenting and testing the product featured on a new episode of Doomsday Preppers, No One Will Ever Know airing December 10th.

To view video and learn more about the episode, go to NationalGeographic.com